The Legend of Lavender

A long time ago, there was a beautiful girl in Provence. One day, she was alone in a cold valley, picking flowers that were in bud. On her way home, she met a wounded traveler from far away who asked her for directions. The young girl held a bouquet full of flowers and gazed at the handsome young man with deep affection in her eyes.

Despite her family’s objections, the young woman insisted that the young man stay home and heal until he was healed. As the days passed, the young man’s leg was healed, and the relationship between them warmed up rapidly. One cool morning, the young man was about to say goodbye, but the young girl did not want her family to oppose her, and she had to leave with the young man to his hometown, which was full of roses.

The grandmother of the village held a handful of lavender bouquets in her hand before the young girl left, and asked the infatuated girl to test the young man’s heart with the first lavender bouquets. It is said that the fragrance of the lavender bouquet will make unclean things appear. A cold wind could be heard faintly in the valley, as if the young man was whispering, “I am your heart that will travel far. The young girl was left alone and despondent.