What is lavender oil?

Lavender belongs to the genus Lavender of the Lamiaceae family. Lavender oil is usually extracted from the inflorescence of lavender by steam distillation. Its main ingredients are borneol, geranyl alcohol geranyl ester, lavender ester, agarwood alcohol, lemon thin, clove Oil hydrocarbons, coumarins, terpinenes, etc.

Nanjing Ruistars lavender oil

Where is the origin of our products?

Our lavender oil, peppermint oil and chamomile oil are all produced in Yili, Xinjiang, China, where the latitude is as high as that of Provence in France.

Nanjing Ruistars lavender oil

When can I ship after payment?

Under normal circumstances, payment will be shipped within 1-3 days, and shipping will be carried out from the port of Shanghai, China.

Nanjing Ruistars lavender oil

What is the product packaging specification?

The product is packaged in 180 kg galvanized steel drums, making it ideal for long-distance transportation.

Nanjing Rusitars Industry

Are the products all natural?

Our products are all extracted from pure natural plants, without adding any chemical additives, please rest assured to buy.

Nanjing Rusitars Industry

Is the company trustworthy?

The company has been engaged in foreign trade business since 1998. The products are exported to Australia, Europe, America, Africa and other countries. We have never had any problems and have won the trust of our customers. The company insists on honesty and long-term cooperation. The concept of always providing high quality and low price products for the company’s development of the first purpose.

Nanjing Rusitars Industry

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