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Shikimic Acid Extraction Process for Anise Ingredient

Shikimic Acid

Anise is a non-timber specialty forest product in China, accounting for 85% of the world’s production and planted area. Anise has been found to contain an important medicinal ingredient, shikimic acid, which is an anti-H5N1 avian influenza drug. Shikimicacid is an important component of “Duffy” and is therefore of great interest. Shikimicacid is an organic acid found in large quantities in higher plants and microorganisms. Due to the high amount of shikimic acid in the fruits of the star anise…

China’s Lavender Hometown: Huocheng Lavender Growing Base

Huocheng Lavender Growing Base

It has always been thought that the symbol of romance of lavender is far away in Provence, France, but little did I know that as early as 1964, there were three varieties of French Lavender Provence was introduced to the Yili Valley, located in the four divisions of the 65th regiment. After 50 years of changes, lavender has taken root in the fertile soil of China’s northern border, and it has become a business card, attracting more and more people…

Peppermint(Latin name: Mentha piperita)


Peppermint Botanical Properties The genus Mint, in the family Labiataceae, contains 25 species, of which Peppermint and Green Mint are the most common. It was first found in the Mediterranean region of Europe and in Western Asia. Nowadays, it is mainly found in the United States, Spain, Italy, France, England, the Balkans, etc. It is also found in Asia, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Jiangxi in China. Mint, native to Europe, is a perennial herb that can grow up to…

Efficacy of various flower water

flower water

There are various kinds of flower water around us, these flower water have different effects on the body, rose flower water can stop itching and eliminate inflammation, peppermint flower water can cool and detoxify, but also can soothe the skin, prevent skin infections, which flower water also distributed chamomile flower water, jasmine flower water, different flower water have different effects, and the kinds of flower water is very many, a lot of traditional Chinese medicine can be made into flower…



Also known as pepper-like mint (peppermint), peppermint is a botanical genealogy of the species resulting from a cross between green mint and water mint. It is an herbaceous perennial plant, and cultivation is quite common, as the essential oil is widely distributed, mainly in the United States, France, and England (especially in the Mitcham area, south of London). Peppermint essential oil is heavily used in the food and perfume industries, as well as in pharmaceuticals. It is a pale yellow…

Detailed description of Lavender Hydrolats

Lavender Hydrolat

Lavender Hydrolat pH 5.6 to 6.0. Fragrance Features A mild, slightly warm blend of light licorice and floral notes. Efficacy Highly effective in regenerating human skin cells and balancing oil secretion Helps treat acne, dermatitis, eczema, chicken pox, and edema. Excellent astringent and purifying effect on acne-prone skin. Very good for acne marks and blemishes. Eliminates puffiness and reduces dark circles caused by fatigue and lack of sleep. Make an after-sun spray to quickly calm sun-damaged skin and prevent sun…