Efficacy of various flower water

flower water

There are various kinds of flower water around us, these flower water have different effects on the body, rose flower water can stop itching and eliminate inflammation, peppermint flower water can cool and detoxify, but also can soothe the skin, prevent skin infections, which flower water also distributed chamomile flower water, jasmine flower water, different flower water have different effects, and the kinds of flower water is very many, a lot of traditional Chinese medicine can be made into flower water.

Rose flower water

Rose flower water has calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and anti-aging properties, and it is one of the mildest antiseptics and astringents, all of which make it a good skin care agent. Rose flower water is safe for even the most sensitive skin, and it is also the best skin care solution for dry skin. Moisturizes, brightens, illuminates, and lightens blemishes. Wet a cotton pad with Rose Hydrolat and apply it lightly on your eyes to make them brighter.

Peppermint flower water

Peppermint flower water promotes cell regeneration, softens the skin, balances oil secretion, cleanses the skin, disinfects antibacterial, avoids infection, promotes rapid healing of acne and small wounds, prevents scarring, and moisturizes, astringent pores, special cooling sensation, ideal for the treatment of acne-prone or large pore skin. For itchy, inflamed, burned skin has a relief effect.

Chamomile flower water

It is a favorite for women with sensitive skin. Some heavy medicinal smell is relatively easy to accept compared to other pure lotions. Chamomile flower water, undiluted direct use, it can reduce burns, blisters, inflamed wounds, soft skin, the role of treatment trauma; can calm red skin after sunburn, avoid sunburn, prevent melanin deposition; sound repair keratin (such as light and heat sensitive skin, keratin is too thin, etc.), anti-allergy (allergic manifestations of attacks on the skin has a soothing and therapeutic effect), enhance microcirculation (such as repair of (redness), astringent drainage (improve puffiness under the eyes, etc.), strengthen the metabolism (by strengthening the metabolism has a certain whitening effect).

Jasmine flower water

Jasmine flower water effectively shrinks pores, balances the skin’s oil secretion, helps cleanse the skin, gets rid of grease and gets rid of acne. It is good for aging, dry skin, has a charming, fresh, anti-inflammatory and calming scent, and is suitable for all skin types. This is a great way to get the most out of your skin, but it is also a great way to get the most out of your skin, so you can get the most out of your skin.

Rosemary flower water

Rosemary flower water, also known as Ocean Dew, is an evergreen shrub with upright, gray-green, narrowly pointed leaves. It is an evergreen shrub with upright, grayish-green, narrowly pointed, pine scented leaves, and has been considered a memory-enhancing herb since ancient times. The plant has small, light blue flowers in spring and summer. Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean coast, is an evergreen shrub with small blue flowers that look like drops of water in summer, hence the Latin word “rosmarinus” meaning dew of the sea.

Rosemary flower water can fight skin aging, activate the regeneration of aging skin cells, promote blood circulation to the skin, and brighten the skin particularly well. It is also effective in regenerating skin cells and balancing oil secretion. It is also effective in regulating the pH value of oily or combination skin. Used for hair maintenance can make oily hair fresh and soft; and can improve the scalp skin, remove dandruff, stimulate hair regeneration.