Our company’s products are produced in the “Original Ecological Gold Circle” 7A standard.

Class A soil

Alkaline, sandy or black calcium soils, which develop under steppe vegetation, are soft, rich in organic matter and fertile.
Lavender grows on black calcium soils to release its calcareous floral fragrance.

Class A geographic location

43°49′-43°63′N, 81°25′-81°31′E Located at latitude 43°49′-43°63′ North and longitude 81°25′-81°31′ East, this is a world class lavender plantation with a geography and climate very similar to that of Provence, France.

Class A lighting

With 2550-3500 hours of sunshine year-round and up to 18 hours of light hours in summer Ili has long sunshine hours year-round, which is just enough to meet the ample sunlight needs of lavender and lay the foundation for lavender to extract pure essential oil.

Class A altitude

The altitude is between 650-700 meters, which is conducive to the growth of good lavender varieties in the Ili Valley, which is more than 600 meters above sea level, near the Ili River and the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, which is conducive to the growth of good lavender varieties and contains the natural aura of lavender.

Class A temperature

The mild climate, with average summer temperatures around 25°, helps to grow excellent lavender, with full blooms and fragrance.

Class A rainwater

Yili is an “island of wetness” in the arid regions of Asia and Europe, with abundant and balanced rainfall. The perennially frozen snow-capped mountains and the clear water of the Ili River are just what the lavender needs for rain.

Class A air quality

No pollution, good air quality Ili Valley is China’s industrial pollution-free, no wastewater discharge “south of the river”, air pollution is low, high negative ion content, suitable for lavender photosynthesis, so the growth of lavender fragrance, and lavender ester content is high.

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