Five Essential Oils That Beginners Should Own

For those who have delved into the field of aromatherapy for many years, selecting essential oils has become as simple and natural as breathing, opening their wooden boxes of essential oils, there are always several essential oil displays, but what about the beginner who is just starting out in aromatherapy? There are so many different kinds of essential oils out there, but which one should I start with first?

This time we are going to introduce five essential oils for beginners to aromatherapy that are easy to smell and practical to use.

Take a bottle of pure lavender essential oil with you, it can treat almost any condition, such as minor abrasions, coughs, insect bites, headaches, insomnia, etc. Pure lavender oil is suitable for this purpose, it is one of the few essential oils that can be absorbed directly into the skin in small amounts.

It is also a familiar item to the general public, as many products, such as care products, cleaning products, and even garbage bags, are labeled with a lavender scent, although some are fragranced.

You may have already smelled the lavender products on many city surfaces, but the natural scent of pure lavender may not be what you expected.

Modern people often shorten their intervals due to lack of time, which can lead to gastrointestinal distress in the long run, bergamot essential oil can improve digestive related problems such as bloated gas, twisting and cramping, and when you have no appetite, bergamot essential oil can also promote appetite.

Bergamot essential oil can also help to calm the mind and lift the spirits if the gastrointestinal tract is upset due to stress.

Tea Tree essential oil has excellent antibacterial properties and can be used as an aromatic fragrance to cleanse the air of odors and bacteria, and is suitable for use in office buildings and medical facilities.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu, add tea tree oil to hot water and inhale to soothe your respiratory tract at first.

Because of its gentle nature, it’s great for children, and although the scent is stronger, because it’s so helpful for adults with sensitive skin, it’s recommended that beginners try this essential oil, plus Roman chamomile has gentle calming powers that soothe the mind and help with emotional stability.

The soak blends Roman Chamomile with Lavender herb, making it shockingly relaxing so that the sheep you counted before bedtime will lie down nicely and you can drift off to sleep comfortably with a sense of calm.

With a sweet rose flavor, also known as the “poor man’s rose”, is a small helper in women’s physiological maintenance, can balance hormones, soothe women’s pre-menstrual symptoms of discomfort, but also to regulate the amount of blood too much or too little problem.

And the premenstrual often appear depressed mood, geranium can soothe our reversal of mood, at the same time can lift the spirit, help us to release the accumulated stress in the mind.

The above is recommended to aromatherapy beginners five essential oils, do not know if you have more confidence in the choice of it? Still standing on the doorstep of aromatherapy? Open the fragrant door to the wonderful world of healing.