Lavender oil(white flower)

Lavender oil

Product Name: Lavender Oil / Lavender essential oil / Pure Lavender essential oil
Extract: White lavender flower
Scientific name: Lavandula Officinalis (L. angustifolia) / L.vera
Family name: Labiatae Lavandula species
Origin: China Yili
Extraction: steam distillation, flowers
Collection time: flowering period
Extraction amount: about 3-5 kg per 100 kg of flower
Color: yellow, light yellow or yellow green
Smell: grassy notes. Clear floral, with a change in the front and back taste

Product description

High quality natural lavender essential oil, without any additives, is extracted from the white lavender flower scented lavender planted in Yili, China.

China’s Xinjiang Yili lavender planting area is more than 20,000 acres, lavender varieties introduced from France, after improvement, lavender essential oil quality is higher than French varieties.

Product name:Lavender essential oil(White flower)
CAS NO:8000-28-0 Product type:Plant essential oil
Appearance:Light yellow oily liquid with a fresh and pleasant lavender fragrance Packing specification:180KG
Main ingredient:1-linalool, 1-linalol acetate, lavender alcohol, indophenol, valeraldehyde, pentanol, geraniol, etc. Product preparation:Lavender inflorescence steam distillation for essential oils
Packing and storage: Store in a cool dry place and seal. Product form: oil soluble fragrance.

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Widely used in daily fragrance, added to cologne, wash water and other cosmetics.

Lavender oil is one of the most widely used spices. It has a fresh and sweet aroma and is easily blended with other essential oils. It has long been used in perfumes and cosmetics. It can also be used in edible and tobacco flavors, with a concentration of about 0.01 to 20 mg/kg in the final flavored food. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, hurricane and itching.

Essential oils are divided into two types: single essential oils and compound essential oils. The single essential oils are extracted and detoxified to remove impurities. The pure essential oils are also pure essential oils. They are blended with other essential oils and lavender essential oils according to certain scientific principles.


  • family emergency

Lavender is very effective for burning and can promote cell regeneration. Burns, knife wounds, cotton with lavender essential oil, directly applied to the wound, only a few seconds, the pain disappears, no blisters, accelerate wound healing. I have tried this method myself, it is very amazing! Lavender essential oil has become a must-have item in the family medicine cabinet.


  • Gynecological Antibacterial

In case of fungal vaginitis, apply lavender essential oil directly (or in a 1:1 ratio with any base oil) and apply it to the vulva and vagina to effectively reduce inflammation and quickly restore health.


  • In addition to dysmenorrhea

In the first 7 days of menstruation, before going to bed every night, lavender essential oil is blended in the medium oil, and massaged in the lower abdomen and the back waist. If only lavender is dripped, the ratio is 5 drops of pure lavender essential oil per 10 ml of vehicle oil.


  • clothing pest control

Drop lavender essential oil onto several cotton balls and place them in several corners of the closet to help prevent insects and bring a fresh and elegant aroma to the clothes.


  • Aromatherapy

Drop two or three drops of lavender essential oil into the aromatherapy furnace, and the aroma will linger inside the room, which will help relieve nervous tension.

For the identification of single essential oils, if you do not have a professional essential oil purity testing equipment, you can use the following simple and reliable methods.

Verify the purity of the essential oil you purchased in your hand:

1. smell odor: all essential oils that reach 100% purity are not simple scent, the taste is not irritating, or most of them have a more obvious grassy taste.

2. look viscous: shake the single essential oil bottle, if it feels sticky or has obvious wall hanging phenomenon, there is a certain purity problem, there is blending and adding base oil or mineral oil. Most of the unilateral pure essential oils look almost as thin as water and will not be sticky.

3. Volatilization on the drip paper: almost all the essential oils in nature are volatile, but the base oil and mineral oil are not volatile as the edible salad oil. Therefore, a drop of single pure oil on a white paper, 100% pure single essential oil can be completely evaporated in about 24 hours, basically no obvious oil stains. On the contrary, if the counterfeit pure essential oil added and blended, there will be obvious oily volatilization.

Lavender oil