Dried flower grains of lavender

2020 Lavender dried flower grains: young flower grains are already freshly available!

Lavender French Blue variety, planted in the 65th regiment of Huocheng County, Yili, Xinjiang.

Product characteristics: Young flowers, just opened flowers, fragrant. The color of the dried flower grain is dark blue.
Natural drying, six procedures for screening, and then selected by hand once, can reach export standards.

Use: To add cosmetics, to make fine lavender incense bags, to make the filling of exquisite handicrafts, but also to do the filling of high-end products. Such as: transparent incense bag, senior pillow, etc.

  • The dried lavender flowers are the summer 2020 lavender buds from Yili lavender base, the aromatic content of the flower grains is full, the fragrance is strong.
  • Dried lavender flowers are higher in purity than the same level and price in the general market, the fragrance is rich and lasting, and the normal sealed and dry storage of 1 kg of dried flowers can keep the fragrance for 2 years!
  • Machine screening, high purity, but cannot exclude the presence of microscopic lavender stalks and small leaves (not impurities, any imported extra-grade lavender dried flower tea also has), just as green tea is not all leaves but also young stalks!
  • The company’s own base planting, no pesticide and fertilizer pollution, green, higher quality!

At present, we have 200 tons of stock, and welcome domestic and foreign customers to come and buy.