Yili Lavender Product Research Report

Yili Lavender Product

With the boom in the cosmetics market and the continuous development of downstream products of lavender, the market and prospects are optimistic. Yili’s Huocheng lavender production accounts for 99% of the domestic monopoly, production is far from enough to sell, the largest lavender products processing plant in Yili Huocheng County 65 regiments, the most influential of its Iparhan brand! Yili, Xinjiang is the production base of lavender in China. Ninety-five percent of the country’s lavender comes from Yili in Xinjiang, which is known as the “Hometown of Lavender” in China.

Advantages of Lavender Development in the Yili Valley

The Yili River valley, surrounded by mountains on three sides, has a semi-arid climate and fertile soil, making it ideal for the growth of lavender and other spice crops. Lavender, as a world-renowned natural spice crop, was first transplanted to the Yili region from the Beijing Botanical Garden in 1964 by the 65th and 70th Regiments of the 4th Agricultural Division of the Corps, and has been in cultivation for more than 40 years, after many years of exploration and planting success, through continuous development, has developed to nearly 50,000 mu. Because the lavender produced in the Yili River Valley is tall and flowery, with pure oil and rich fragrance, it has become one of the world’s famous lavender production areas. With the development of planting area, technology research and development, market development, the lavender industry has gradually become one of the important industries for the economic development of the Yili region.

Ruistars is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, 44 degrees north latitude, surrounded by mountains on three sides, the climate is humid, warm in winter and cool in summer, and the resources are abundant.

Since the establishment of Ruistars, with many years of development and accumulation, by virtue of the natural geographical advantages and unique conditions, we have successfully developed vanilla plantations, including lavender, pepper-like mint, rosemary, Roman chamomile and other varieties of vanilla plantations, as well as aromatic plants such as Bulgarian rose and divine herb, which are still under development. Ruistars is currently developing aromatic plants such as Bulgarian roses and divine herbs, etc. We are dedicated to serving our customers according to our business needs.

Ruistars provides dried lavender flower grains, lavender essential oil, dried lavender bouquet 25/40 cm, lavender pure dew, rose pure dew, peppermint essential oil, rosemary dried leaves and essential oils all year round.

Ruistars company believes in quality first, customer first, honest service purpose, the products are exported to Guangdong, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas and Hong Kong, Taiwan, South America, etc., by the majority of users.

Outstanding problems in the development of lavender industry in Yili region

The problem of blind imitation and disorderly competition is common in all counties and cities. Driven by economic interests, the counties and cities have gone out of their way to develop the lavender industry, in which many projects are established, mostly by the government to participate in directly promoting the construction of administrative areas under their jurisdiction, low-level and inefficient small and medium-sized duplication of construction is more common.

For a long time, Yili traditional lavender production technology is backward and the products are limited to extensive processing, resulting in low technical content and low added value of lavender products. Its main technology and market have been controlled by France and other developed countries, and foreign developers have returned to China after deep processing various products.

In the development of the lavender industry, there is a situation of mixed marquis warfare. Each county and city in the development of lavender products and operation of their own, at present, there are as many as 20 to 30 brands of Yili lavender products, there is no unification and integration of the characteristics of resources, which affects the brand image of Yili lavender products. Product marketing efforts are obviously insufficient, many consumers lack of sufficient understanding of the efficacy and use of lavender products.

We can start from the following aspects

First, for lavender characteristics of the product design can be united to the overall competitive advantage of the enterprise, in line with the consumer psychology of the main consumer groups, and thus reflect its rich cultural connotation of the trademark, and timely registration of conditional to apply for registration as far as possible to register the trademark certificate of origin.

Second, based on customer service, strengthen business management, to ensure the use of trademark product quality, stable and reliable, and provide quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

Third, we should take the trademark as the core to establish the enterprise image recognition system, the reality to potential consumer groups as the main target, highlight the publicity and expand the visibility of the trademark. The implementation of brand strategy, increase publicity, the establishment of a professional marketing team and network Yili want to convert resource and geographical advantages as soon as possible into economic advantages, so that lavender products in the domestic and world market free ride, in addition to the continuous development of production, improve product quality, increase the variety, improve the shape of goods, packaging, etc., but also must be the enterprise brand strategy and strategy of the study mentioned in the important! The schedule will enable entrepreneurs to learn to apply the correct brand-name trademark strategies and tactics to cultivate well-known lavender trademarks with remarkable reputation at home and abroad.

Traditionally, Yili lavender is mainly used for extracting essential oil and a small amount of it is used for making dried flowers. In recent years, in addition to extracting lavender essential oil and making dried flower products, Yili lavender has also opened up a broad market in the fields of garden ornaments, food, beverages, health care, beauty and other fields. With the improvement of people’s living standard, lavender products with various functions are attracting more and more attention from the public, and the lavender industry is breeding huge market development potential. Lavender has been cultivated in the Yili region for decades, and the cultivation technology has been relatively perfected.

Yili is the gateway to China’s opening to the west and one of the key areas for development and construction in the 21st century. In recent years, Yili has adapted to the needs of western development and market economy development, accelerated the pace of industrial structure adjustment, and developed characteristic industries. At present, the lavender industry has local advantages and characteristics. Has become a focus of the economic structure adjustment of Yili, and other products related to the industrial chain has become a new highlight of economic development.