Dried lavender flowers

Dried lavender flowers

Product name:Dried lavender flowers
Processing Type:Dried Flowers
Color:blue, blue and purple
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:Ruistars
Function:decoration and sachet
Ingredients:100% Natural organic flower
Other name:Lavandula angustifolia flower

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Product description

1. Dried lavender flowers bulk packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 50 kg, or the packaging specifications specified by the buyer.
2. Dried flowers are uniformly packaged and sent out into the carton.
3. If you have any questions about packaging, you can consult and negotiate
4.Samples available.

Product name : Dried lavender flowers / lavender flowers bulk
Packing: 5 kg/carton
Materials: 100% natural lavender
Dry method: Sun dried
Use for: Decoration, sachet fillin
Lenght: Total around 50-55cm, also can be cutting accoring to customers requirement
Feature: fresh and natural, colorful, vivid, real touched, good smell
Decoration: wedding and home decoration flowers, party, all occasion
Color: blue, blue and purple
Saving time: dried flower , can be kept around 1-2 years .
Other name: Lavandula angustifolia


Fragrant lavender help sleeping lavender flowers bulk dried lavender flowers put in bedroom.

Bringing a little bit of earth’s secrets, naturally essentials into your bedroom. A natural essence to help you get better sleep with joyful dreams at night.

Dried Lavender flowers can help to soothed a stressed and over thinking mind, along with anxiety and insomnia with its aromatic calming floral fragrance.

A Healthy Harmless Relief for Headache with it’s soothing and relaxing fragrant from the lavender.

Real Wedding Home Decorating Dried Lavender Flowers.

Boost your mood with its’ sensual, evocative scent, which stimulates the heart and mind by placing it under your pillows, above the bedside table or night stands.

Provide better indoor air quality for its’ natural aroma and rose garden scent. Perfect on Closets, Dressers and Drawers for its’ aroma on clothes.

Dried lavender flowers
Dried lavender flowers
Dried lavender flowers
Dried lavender flowers