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Category: Chamomile oil

Our company’s products are produced in the “Original Ecological Gold Circle” 7A standard.

Class A soil Alkaline, sandy or black calcium soils, which develop under steppe vegetation, are soft, rich in organic matter and fertile.Lavender grows on black calcium soils to release its calcareous floral fragrance. Class A geographic location 43°49′-43°63′N, 81°25′-81°31′E Located at latitude 43°49′-43°63′ North and longitude 81°25′-81°31′ East, this is a world class lavender plantation with a geography and climate very similar to that of Provence, France. Class A lighting With 2550-3500 hours of sunshine year-round and up to 18…

10 Most Common Uses of Essential Oils Explained

Insomnia, allergies, anxiety, hair loss, easy fatigue, and the state of how not to manage the skin …… Still blaming the water? What do you know about aromatherapy from its popularity in Ancient Greece to present day France? Speaking of essential oils, do you know how much the French love them! A drop if you can’t sleep, a drop the night before an exam, a drop if you’re bitten by a mosquito, even a cold can be cured with essential…