The effect of lavender hydrosol

lavender hydrosol is also known as water essential oil, which is the water left by the separation of essential oils during the distillation extraction process. It is a by-product of essential oils. The ingredients are natural and pure, and the fragrance is light and pleasant. It has similar functions and effects as the plant essential oil itself, and is more convenient to use. It not only has various therapeutic and maintenance effects on the skin, but also has many uses in daily life.

Lavender hydrosol is the water separated in the process of extracting lavender essential oil.

Its beauty effect is similar to that of lavender essential oil. It has the effects of blemishes, phlegm, acne marks, oil control, sleep aid and pore shrinkage. There are also many uses.

  • After cleaning your face in the morning and evening, use it directly as a moisturizing lotion. For a long time dry environment such as air-conditioning, airplane or computer family, spray lavender pure gel on the face or any part of the body to moisturize and invigorate the skin. To relieve stress and increase skin’s resistance to external pollution.
  • Lavender pure dew can be applied to the skin after soaking in mask paper, or add the mask to adjust the mask to increase the effect. Wet compress the skin for different nature problems, 1~3 times a week, 15~20 minutes each time. If it is squeezed over the acne on weekdays, it will be cold after application. It can calm redness and astringe pores, help reduce inflammation and redness. After sun exposure, you can use iced pure cold compress to soothe red and swollen skin after sun exposure, and also reduce the tingling sensation of burns.
  • Spray lavender hydrosol after makeup to have a fixed makeup effect, or spray some pure dew on the face when the oil is on the face, use the facial tissue to absorb the greasy dirt floating on the skin, and then add the powder. It also has a fixed makeup effect.
  • For the computer family, because of the long-term staring at the screen and tired eyes, as well as dark circles, eye bags, two pieces of round cotton pad soaked in pure dew for 10-15 minutes, can effectively soothe and dilute dark circles and puffy bags.
  • It can be used with base oil and essential oil to make cream or lotion. Adding a small amount of essential oil to pure dew can also improve the effect.
  • Lavender hydrosol can be used as a substitute for general perfume. It is suitable for sensitive skin and can emit natural and fresh floral fragrance.
  • Pure dew can be used as a hair care lotion, it has the effect of moisturizing, preventing hair from being contaminated with fumes, and also maintaining indoor aroma. Spray directly on the scalp or take a small amount on the palm of your hand and apply it on your scalp to massage your fingers to make your hair more supple and delicate.

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